Services Available

The following services are provided to make purchasing, planting and establishment of our trees into your landscape as easy as possible.

* Purchase trees direct from the grower. Pick up or delivered.

* Same day quotations on planting lists - or fax 613 5968 1194

* Stakes, ties and hardware. Required quantity supplied with plants as needed.

* Treescape Design - with over 25 years experience and handling of stock on a daily basis, we can offer suggestions for trees that are available and suitable for your project.
This service could be either an over the counter discussion at our offices or a consultation, site visit and plan overlays at an agreed fee.

* Supply and Plant service - quoted on a job by job basis. We can arrange for planting, staking and mulching of our trees to get them off to a great start. 

* Establishment and Maintenance - An optional establishment period for care and watering of trees further enhances the ongoing success of your investment.

Contract Growing - recomended for projects requiring larger sizes and quantities. Contract Growing will ensure the availability of required species at a specified size and time.

Next day delivery Melbourne Metro for stock items - phone by 12.00pm $1500.00 or more




Timbertop Advanced Trees team
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