Design Life/Tree Sizes

A primary considerations when deciding on trees for a specific project is, how big will the trees get?
To answer this fully you need to ask a second question - what is the design life required of the trees? 

A tree that is required to fill out an area quickly and continue to provide that effect for say 10 to 15 years will most probably get too big in 50 years time.
On the other hand if you choose a tree that wont get too big in 50 years it may not provide the desired effect for the first 25 years and most of us wont wait that long!

Design life is really about deciding what period of time is important for that particular project.
For most residential projects 10 to 15 years is a realistic time frame with buildings, owners and their needs normally changing during that period. An avenue of trees down the main promenade of a town however, may well be expected to be still there in 50 years.

At Timbertop we quote tree sizes typical of trees grown in Southern Victoria. We use a range, eg. 15-25m. The lower figure representing the typical size at 10-15 years followed by a larger size for older plants.
There may well be even larger examples in their natural habitat that are years older. We have chosen not to display a potential largest size prefering to use a more meaningful typical range.

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