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Timbertop are specialist growers of advanced landscape trees in a wide range of sizes and varieties. We stock over 50000 trees including Native, Evergreen, Deciduous, Ornamental and Fruit trees.

At Timbertop our trees are grown both in ground 'Field Grown' and in containers 'Container Grown'. Stock is available in a broad range sizes from 1- 6 metres tall and bigger, 25cm to 40cm pots and 50ltr to 1000ltr containers. From a single feature plant to a whole street of trees, we have you covered.

Since the mid 80's we have provided quality, value and service. Over the time we have become a major supplier of trees to various Retail/Reseller outlets, Landscape Contractors, Government departments and other clients. We regularly incorporate modern techniques, new varieties and are committed to environmentally sustainable practices.

Our Gembrook site is a purpose built modern facility in an area with rich red mountain soil, ideal for field growing and a cooler climate which produces vigour and hardiness in the plants.

We look forward to helping with your next tree purchasing requirements.

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