Natspec for trees is a formal set of parameters useful in measuring the quality of trees against a nationalised framework.

This system provides a tangible way of identifying stock that has a better chance of success in the landscape and helps to provide a benchmark for the tailoring of growing systems within the production nursery.
At Timbertop, we endorse the broad concept and recommend 'Natspec for Trees' along with a small note of caution.

Focus on the trees not the system!
Trees that dont conform exactly may still be of a useable standard for some projects and should not be discarded lightly. (They could indeed be preferable in situations where the design calls for plants of unusual shape or character)

Some of the elements covered by 'Natspec' are described in our glossary.

Crown Balance, Internode length, radical symetry
Stemtaper, caliper to height to rootball volume ratio
Pruning, branch attachment, appical dominance
Northern orientation marker
Rootball occupancy, division and direction

For further reading a publication 'Specifying Trees' by Ross Clark provides full coverage of this subject and can be ordered from




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