Timbertop Advanced Trees are specialist growers of advanced landscape trees in a wide range of sizes and varieties. The company operates from a 16 hectare site in Gembrook, approximately one hour east of Melbourne.

At Timbertop, air and chemical pruning containers are used extensively as is physical pruning of the root ball at each stage of potting. Correct line spacing, efficient watering and formative pruning of the canopy are also high priorities.

This is country with rich red mountain soil particularly suited to inground production and a cool climate helping to ensure hardy and healthy stock.

Extensive onsite facilities include a propagation house and nursery, various container growing areas for trees from 1m-6m, planting, maintenance and lifting equipment for field crops, stock handling equipment and crane equipped delivery vehicles.

Control of each stage of production helps Timbertop ensure premium, consistent quality of stock. Staff and management are committed to the latest production techniques, stringent quality control and friendly and reliable service.

A complete range of trees

Over 30,000 evergreen, native and deciduous trees are in production and sold year round in containers from 25cm to 300ltr. Field grown trees are available to 6.0m plus.

Stock includes: shrubby and hedging trees like Pittosporum, Lillypilly and Conifers, street trees such as eucalypts and other natives, and a wide range of flowering exotics and deciduous ornamentals from traditional favourites to many new hybrid varieties.

Use our Tree Finder to select suitable trees for your requirements, itís easy and quick to use.

We also stock a full range of support products for your new trees such as stakes, fertilisers and ties.

Timbertop Advanced Trees
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